Hello, I'm

Prasanna Kumar.

I build apps and products for a living.

I am a full-stack developer working on human-centered products. Currently, contributing to Engineering at Listen2It

About Me

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My development journey started when I re-created the Gmail login page to prank my friends. Slowly I began making real-world tools like news-aggregator and multi-user blogs. I started freelancing during my undergrad years, so becoming a Full-stack developer was an absolute necessity for me. After graduating, I started expanding my team and had to make sure of their Developer experience .

The thought of building tools/products that people use frequently has fascinated me. This idea motivated me to build the Hooman app. So, I always look into the Business, User Experience, and Developer Experience of a product.

When I'm not working, I'm either listening to music or singing. Apart from that, I go on short bike rides to explore food joints.


  • A web app for keep track of your movie watch list. Add movies to your watch list and mark them as seen after watching. Explore movies from various genres that you would love to watch.

    Next.jsTailwind CSSSupabaseZustandTMDB API
  • Web app to get unbiased opinions from your circle anonymously in real-time. Anonion managed to make it to the runners-up list of the VercelHashnode hackathon

    Next.jsTailwind CSSFirebase
  • A React.js Todo App, built using Firestore with all CRUD operations. Really intutuive when trying to complete a series of immediate tasks.

    Todo App


You can find me in other places on Internet too.


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